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ISODEBUG(1)                 Schily's USER COMMANDS                 ISODEBUG(1)

       isodebug - print genisoimage debug info from ISO-9660 image

       isodebug [ options ] [ file ]

       Isodebug  reads  the debug info written by genisoimage(8) from within a
       ISO-9660 file system image and prints them.

       -help  Prints a short summary of the isodebug options and exists.

              Prints the isodebug version number string and exists.

       -i filename
              Filename to read ISO-9660 image from.

              SCSI target to use as CD/DVD-Recorder.  See  wodim(1)  for  more
              information on now to use this option.

       wodim(1), genisoimage(1).

       Joerg Schilling
       Seestr. 110
       D-13353 Berlin

       Joerg Schilling
       Seestr. 110
       D-13353 Berlin

       This  manpage  describes  the  program  implementation  of  isodebug as
       shipped       by       the       cdrkit        distribution.        See
       http://alioth.debian.org/projects/debburn/ for details. It is a spinoff
       from the original program distributed in the cdrtools package [1]. How-
       ever,  the  cdrtools  developers are not involved in the development of
       this spinoff and therefore shall not be made responsible for any  prob-
       lem  caused  by  it. Do not try to get support for this program by con-
       tacting the original author(s).

       If you have support questions, send them to


       If you have definitely found a bug, send a mail to this list or to


       writing at least a short description into  the  Subject  and  "Package:
       cdrkit" into the first line of the mail body.

       [1] Cdrtools 2.01.01a08 from May 2006, http://cdrecord.berlios.de

Joerg Schilling                    06/02/08                        ISODEBUG(1)

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