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groupdel(8)                                                        groupdel(8)

       groupdel - delete a group entry

       groupdel [-D binddn] [-P path] [--service service]
               [--help] [-u] [-v] group

       groupdel  removes  a  group entry from the local system files or a LDAP
       database. A primary group of any existing user is not removeable.   All
       filesystems  must  be  checked  manually to insure that no files remain
       with the named group.

       --service service
              Add the account to a special directory. The  default  is  files,
              but ldap is also valid.

       -D, --binddn binddn
              Use the Distinguished Name binddn to bind to the LDAP directory.
              The user will be prompted for a password for simple  authentica-

       -P, --path path
              The  passwd  and  shadow  files  are located below the specified
              directory path. chpasswd will use this  files,  not  /etc/passwd
              and /etc/shadow.

       --help Print a list of valid options with a short description.

       -u, --usage
              Print a short list of valid options.

       -v, --version
              Print the version number and exit.

       group - group information

       passwd(1), login.defs(5), group(5), groupadd(8), groupmod(8)

       Thorsten Kukuk <kukuk@suse.de>

pwdutils                         October 2003                      groupdel(8)

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