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GPG-ZIP(1)                     GNU Privacy Guard                    GPG-ZIP(1)

       gpg-zip - Encrypt or sign files into an archive

       gpg-zip [options] filename1 [ filename2, ... ] directory1 [ directory2,
       ... ]

       gpg-zip encrypts or signs files into an archive.  It is an gpg-ized tar
       using the same format as used by PGP's PGP Zip.

       gpg-zip understands these options:


       -e     Encrypt data.  This option may be combined with --symmetric (for
              output that may be decrypted via a secret key or a  passphrase).


       -d     Decrypt data.


       -c     Encrypt with a symmetric cipher using a passphrase.  The default
              symmetric cipher used is CAST5,  but  may  be  chosen  with  the
              --cipher-algo option to gpg.


       -s     Make a signature.  See gpg.

       --recipient user

       -r user
              Encrypt for user id user. See gpg.

       --local-user user

       -u user
              Use user as the key to sign with.  See gpg.

              List the contents of the specified archive.

       --output file

       -o file
              Write output to specified file file.

       --gpg gpgcmd
              Use the specified command gpgcmd instead of gpg.

       --gpg-args args
              Pass the specified options to gpg.

       --tar tarcmd
              Use the specified command tarcmd instead of tar.

       --tar-args args
              Pass the specified options to tar.

              Print version of the program and exit.

       --help Display a brief help page and exit.

       Encrypt  the  contents  of  directory  `mydocs'  for  user  Bob to file

         gpg-zip --encrypt --output test1 --gpg-args  -r Bob mydocs

       List the contents of archive `test1':

         gpg-zip --list-archive test1

       The program returns 0 if everything was fine, 1 otherwise.

       gpg(1), tar(1),

       The full documentation for this tool is maintained as a Texinfo manual.
       If  GnuPG and the info program are properly installed at your site, the

         info gnupg

       should give you access to the complete manual including a  menu  struc-
       ture and an index.

GnuPG 2.0.15                      2010-07-28                        GPG-ZIP(1)

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