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getcchar(3NCURSES)                                          getcchar(3NCURSES)

       getcchar,  setcchar  - Get a wide character string and rendition from a
       cchar_t or set a cchar_t from a wide-character string

       #include <curses.h>

       int getcchar(
               const cchar_t *wcval,
               wchar_t *wch,
               attr_t *attrs,
               short *color_pair,
               void *opts );

       int setcchar(
               cchar_t *wcval,
               const wchar_t *wch,
               const attr_t attrs,
               short color_pair,
               void *opts );

       The getcchar function gets a wide-character string and rendition from a
       cchar_t  argument.   When wch is not a null pointer, the getcchar func-
       tion does the following:

       -    Extracts information from a cchar_t value wcval

       -    Stores the character attributes in  the  location  pointed  to  by

       -    Stores the color-pair in the location pointed to by color_pair

       -    Stores  the wide-character string, characters referenced by wcval,
            into the array pointed to by wch.

       When wch is a null pointer, the getcchar function does the following:

       -    Obtains the number of wide characters pointed to by wcval

       -    Does not change the data referenced by attrs or color_pair

       The setcchar function initializes the location pointed to by  wcval  by

       -    The character attributes in attrs

       -    The color pair in color_pair

       -    The  wide-character  string pointed to by wch.  The string must be
            L'\0' terminated, contain at most  one  spacing  character,  which
            must be the first.

            Up  to  CCHARW_MAX-1 nonspacing characters may follow.  Additional
            nonspacing characters are ignored.

            The string may contain a single  control  character  instead.   In
            that case, no nonspacing characters are allowed.

       The  opts  argument is reserved for future use.  Currently, an applica-
       tion must provide a null pointer as opts.

       The wcval argument may be a value generated by a call to setcchar or by
       a function that has a cchar_t output argument.  If wcval is constructed
       by any other means, the effect is unspecified.

       When wch is a null pointer, getcchar returns the number of wide charac-
       ters referenced by wcval, including one for a trailing null.

       When  wch  is  not  a null pointer, getcchar returns OK upon successful
       completion, and ERR otherwise.

       Upon successful completion, setcchar returns OK.  Otherwise, it returns

       Functions:    attr(3NCURSES),    color(3NCURSES),    ncurses(3NCURSES),


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