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FAILLOG(8)                                                          FAILLOG(8)

       faillog - display faillog records or set login failure limits

       faillog [options]

       faillog formats the contents of the failure log from /var/log/faillog
       database. It also can be used for maintains failure counters and
       limits. Run faillog without arguments display only list of user faillog
       records who have ever had a login failure.

       The options which apply to the faillog command are:

       -a, --all
              Display faillog records for all users.

       -h, --help
              Display help message and exit.

       -l, --lock-time SEC
              Lock accout to SEC seconds after failed login.

       -m, --maximum MAX
              Set maiximum number of login failures after the account is
              disabled to MAX. Selecting MAX value of 0 has the effect of not
              placing a limit on the number of failed logins. The maximum
              failure count should always be 0 for root to prevent a denial of
              services attack against the system.

       -r, --reset
              Reset the counters of login failures or one recor if used with
              -u LOGIN option. Write access to /var/log/faillog is required
              for this option.

       -t, --time DAYS
              Display faillog records more recent than DAYS. The -t flag
              overrides the use of -u.

       -u, --user LOGIN
              Display faillog record or maintains failure counters and limits
              (if used with -l, -m or -r options) only for user with LOGIN.

       faillog only prints out users with no successful login since the last
       failure. To print out a user who has had a successful login since their
       last failure, you must explicitly request the user with the -u flag, or
       print out all users with the -a flag.

              failure logging file

       login(1), faillog(5)

       Julianne Frances Haugh (jockgrrl@ix.netcom.com)

                                  08/03/2005                        FAILLOG(8)

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