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EQN2GRAPH(1)                                                      EQN2GRAPH(1)

       eqn2graph - convert an EQN equation into a cropped image

       eqn2graph [ -unsafe ] [ -format fmt ]

       Reads  an  EQN equation (one line) as input; produces an image file (by
       default in Portable Network Graphics format) suitable for  the  Web  as

       Your input EQN code should not have the .EQ/.EN preamble that that nor-
       mally precedes it within groff(1) macros; nor do you need to have  dol-
       lar-sign or other delimiters around the equation.

       The output image will be a black-on-white graphic clipped to the small-
       est possible bounding box that contains all the black pixels.  By spec-
       ifying  command-line options to be passed to convert(1) you can give it
       a border, set the background transparent, set the  image's  pixel  den-
       sity, or perform other useful transformations.

       This program uses eqn(1), groff(1), and the ImageMagick convert(1) pro-
       gram.  These programs must be installed on your system  and  accessible
       on your $PATH for eqn2graph to work.

              Run  groff(1)  in the `unsafe' mode enabling the PIC macro sh to
              execute arbitrary commands.  The default is to forbid this.

       -format fmt
              Specify an output format; the default is PNG  (Portable  Network
              Graphics).  Any format that convert(1) can emit is supported.

       Command-line switches and arguments not listed above are passed to con-

              The eqn(1) initialization file.

       eqn(1), groff(1), gs(1), convert(1).

       Eric S. Raymond <esr@thyrsus.com>.

Groff Version 1.18.1            21 August 2002                    EQN2GRAPH(1)

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