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drv(1)                            Apple Inc.                            drv(1)

       drv - cups driver interface for ppd compiler files

       drv list
       drv cat drv:///filename.drv/pcfilename

       drv   lists   and   compiles   PPDC   source  files  installed  in  the
       /usr/share/cups/drv  and  (on  Mac  OS  X)  /Library/Printers/PPDs/Con-
       tents/Resources directories on behalf of the scheduler, cupsd(8).

       The  first  form  of the command lists all of the PPD files that can be
       produced by the driver information files in the two directories.

       The second form of the command compiles the requested PPD and sends  it
       to the standard output.

       ppdc(1), ppdhtml(1), ppdi(1), ppdmerge(1), ppdpo(1), ppdcfile(5)

       Copyright 2008-2009 by Apple Inc.

9 March 2009                         CUPS                               drv(1)

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