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DIRECTFB-CSOURCE(1)          DirectFB Manual Pages         DIRECTFB-CSOURCE(1)

       directfb-csource - C code generation utility for DirectFB surfaces

       directfb-csource [options] <imagefiles>

       directfb-csource  is  a  small utility that reads PNG (Portable Network
       Graphics) image files and generates C code that can be used to  compile
       an  image  into  a  DirectFB application.  Below is a simple example to
       illustrate this.

       If multiple PNG image files are passed to  directfb-csource,  they  are
       combined  into a single surface. The different images can then be blit-
       ted from this surface using  the  array  of  rectangles  that  is  also
       dumped. This can be useful for example for icons or sprites.

              Specifies  the  identifier name (prefix) for the generated vari-
              ables.  If this option is not used, the identifier is  generated
              from  the  filename.  You have to specify an identifer name when
              processing multiple images.

              Specifies the pixel-format of the generated inline surface. Pos-
              sible  values  are  ARGB, RGB32, RGB24, RGB16, RGB15, RGB332, A8
              and LUT8.  By default the format is ARGB if the PNG image has an
              alpha channel or RGB32 otherwise.

              Output version information.

       --help Print brief help and exit.

       Generate a header file from a PNG image file:

            directfb-csource --name=foo foo.png > foo.h

       Include  the  generated header in your application and create a surface
       using the surface description from the header file:

         #include <directfb.h>
         #include "foo.h"

         IDirectFB        *dfb;
         IDirectFBSurface *surface;


         dfb->CreateSurface( dfb, &foo_desc, &surface );

       directfb-csource was inspired by and uses code from gdk-pixbuf-csource,
       a similar program written by Tim Janik.

       The   canonical  place  to  find  informations  about  DirectFB  is  at

Version 1.2.9                     24 Oct 2003              DIRECTFB-CSOURCE(1)

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