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DETECTUPS(8)                                                      DETECTUPS(8)

       detectups - UPS detection/powerd configuration generator

       /sbin/detectups [tty]

       detectups  monitors the serial port connected to an UPS device and will
       attempt to determine the method of UPS notification of power outage. It
       will ask you to remove the power cord from the wall to the UPS, or push
       the UPS's test button. It will then determine what all has happened and
       ask  to  generate  a config file based on your UPS and cable configura-
       tion.  detectups needs to watch a tty with  modem  control  properties.
       Please refer to the powerd documentation for further information.

       Serial-Device  Some  serial  port  that is not being used by some other
       device, and does not share an interrupt with  any  other  serial  port.

       /etc/powerd.conf    powerd        configuration        file        that
                           detectups generates
       /etc/inittab        init    is     what     actually     issues     the

       powerd(8), shutdown(8), wall(1), inittab(5).

       James  Brents  <James@nistix.com> (with parts of this man page borrowed
       from all over the Linux community)


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