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cupstestdsc(1)                    Apple Inc.                    cupstestdsc(1)

       cupstestdsc - test conformance of postscript files

       cupstestdsc [ -h ] filename.ps [ ...  filenameN.ps ]
       cupstestdsc [ -h ] -

       cupstestdsc  tests  the  conformance  of  PostScript files to the Adobe
       PostScript Language Document Structuring Conventions Specification ver-
       sion  3.0.  The results of testing and any other output are sent to the
       standard output. The second form of the command reads  PostScript  from
       the standard input.

       cupstestdsc  only  validates  the DSC comments in a PostScript file and
       does not attempt to validate the PostScript  code  itself.   Developers
       must ensure that the PostScript they generate follows the rules defined
       by Adobe. Specifically, all pages must be independent  of  each  other,
       code  outside page descriptions may not affect the graphics state (cur-
       rent font, color, transform matrix, etc.), and device-specific commands
       such as setpagedevice should not be used.

       Adobe  PostScript  Language Document Structuring Conventions Specifica-
       tion, Version 3.0.

       Copyright 2007-2009 by Apple Inc.

20 March 2006                        CUPS                       cupstestdsc(1)

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