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BLKIOMON(8)                                                        BLKIOMON(8)

       blkiomon - monitor block device I/O based o blktrace data

       blkiomon -I interval [ -h file ] [ -b file ] [ -D file ] [ -Q path_name
       -q msg_queue_id -m msg_id ] [ -V ]

       blkiomon is a block device I/O monitor. It periodically generates  per-
       device  request size and request latency statistics from blktrace data.
       It provides histograms as well as data that can be  used  to  calculate
       min,  max,  average and variance. For this purpose, it consumes D and C
       traces read from stdin.

       There are options for binary output and human-readable output to  files
       and stdout. Output to a message queue is supported as well.

       There  is no need to use blkparse with blkiomon. blkiomon is capable of
       consuming binary output written to stdout by blktrace.

       -I interval
              Set sample interval

       -h file
              Human-readable output file. Use '-' for stdout.

       -b file
              Binary output file. Use '-' for stdout.

       -D file
              Output file for debugging data. Use '-' for stdout.

       -Q path_name
              Sets path_name as path name for existing  message  queue  to  be
              used for binary output.

       -q msg_queue_id
              Sets msg_queue_id as ID for an existing message queue to be used
              for binary output.

       -m msg_id
              Sets msg_id as message identifier to be used for  binary  output
              messages written to an existing message queue.

              Print program version.

       To get I/O statistics for /dev/sdw every 10 seconds for a period of one
       hour, use the following command:

           % blktrace /dev/sdw -a issue -a complete -w 3600 -o - | blkiomon -I
       10 -h -

       blkiomon and this man page were written by Martin Peschke.

       Report bugs to <linux-btrace@vger.kernel.org>

       Copyright (C) 2008 IBM Corp.
       This  is  free  software.   You may redistribute copies of it under the
       terms      of      the      GNU      General       Public       License
       <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html>.   There  is NO WARRANTY, to the
       extent permitted by law.

       btrace (8), blktrace (8), blkparse (1), verify_blkparse (1), blkrawver-
       ify (1), btt (1)

                                 July 17, 2008                     BLKIOMON(8)

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