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Bioradtopbm User Manual(0)                          Bioradtopbm User Manual(0)

       bioradtopgm - convert a Biorad confocal file into a PGM image

       bioradtopgm [-image#] [imagedata]

       This program is part of Netpbm(1)

       bioradtopgm  reads  a  Biorad confocal file as input and produces a PGM
       image as output.  If the resulting image is upside down, run it through
       pamflip -tb.

              A  Biorad  image file may contain more than one image. With this
              option, you can specify which image to extract (only  one  at  a
              time).  The first image in the file has number zero. If no image
              number is supplied, only information about the  image  size  and
              the  number  of images in the input is printed out. No output is

       pamflip(1) , pgm(5)

       Copyright (C) 1993 by Oliver Trepte

netpbm documentation             28 June 1993       Bioradtopbm User Manual(0)

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