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BDF2GDFONT(1)         User Contributed Perl Documentation        BDF2GDFONT(1)

       bdf2gdfont.pl - Convert X11 "BDF" fonts into a loadable font format for

         % bdf2gdfont.pl courR12.bdf > courR12.fnt

       This script converts BDF-style X11 font files into a format that can be
       loaded by the GD module using the GD::Font->load() method.  There are a
       number of ways to obtain BDF fonts.

       1. The font is already present on your system.
           Some BDF fonts can be found in the standard X11R6 distribution.
           This script will automatically uncompress gzipped font files if
           their extension ends with .gz (the gunzip program must be on your

       2. From a font server.
           The "fstobdf" utility, a standard X11 utility, will read a named
           font from the font server of your choice and return it in BDF
           format.  You can pipe it to bdf2gdfont.pl:

             fstobdf -s fontserverhost:7100 -fn 8x16 | bdf2gdfont.pl > newfont.fnt

           Use xlsfonts to find out what fonts are available.  Most fonts will
           have long names like

       3. Using the pcf2bdf utility.
           Some fonts are only available in PCF (compiled) format.  To obtain
           these, you can either turn on a font server and follow recipe (2),
           or use TAGA Nayuta's pcf2bdf utility. This utility is available
           from http://www.tsg.ne.jp/GANA/S/pcf2bdf/ (page is in Japanese, but
           you can find the download link).

       This font converter only works with fixed-width fonts.  If used with a
       TrueType or proportional font it will die with an error message.


       Lincoln Stein <lstein@cshl.org>, heavily adapted from bdftogd from Jan
       Pazdziora <adelton@fi.muni.cz>.

       Copyright (c) 2004 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

       This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the same terms as Perl itself.

perl v5.12.1                      2010-07-05                     BDF2GDFONT(1)

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