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autodie::exception::sysPerl3Programmers Referenautodie::exception::system(3pm)

       autodie::exception::system - Exceptions from autodying system().

           eval {
               use autodie qw(system);

               system($cmd, @args);


           if (my $E = $@) {
               say "Ooops!  ",$E->caller," had problems: $@";

       This is a autodie::exception class for failures from the "system"

       Presently there is no way to interrogate an
       "autodie::exception::system" object for the command, exit status, and
       other information you'd expect such an object to hold.  The interface
       will be expanded to accommodate this in the future.

       When stringified, "autodie::exception::system" objects currently use
       the message generated by IPC::System::Simple.

       Copyright (C)2008 Paul Fenwick

       This is free software.  You may modify and/or redistribute this code
       under the same terms as Perl 5.10 itself, or, at your option, any later
       version of Perl 5.

       Paul Fenwick <pjf@perltraining.com.au>

perl v5.12.1                      2010-04-26   autodie::exception::system(3pm)

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