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attributes(3MENU)                                            attributes(3MENU)

       attributes - color and attribute control for menus

       #include <menu.h>
       int set_menu_fore(MENU *menu, chtype attr);
       chtype menu_fore(const MENU *menu);
       int set_menu_back(MENU *menu, chtype attr);
       chtype menu_back(const MENU *menu);
       int set_menu_grey(MENU *menu, chtype attr);
       chtype menu_grey(const MENU *menu);
       int set_menu_pad(MENU *menu, int pad);
       int menu_pad(const MENU *menu);

       The  function set_menu_fore sets the foreground attribute of menu. This
       is the highlight used for selected menu items.  menu_fore  returns  the
       foreground attribute.  The default is A_REVERSE.

       The  function set_menu_back sets the background attribute of menu. This
       is the highlight used for selectable (but not currently selected)  menu
       items.   The  function menu_back returns the background attribute.  The
       default is A_NORMAL.

       The function set_menu_grey sets the grey attribute of menu. This is the
       highlight  used  for un-selectable menu items in menus that permit more
       than one selection.  The function menu_grey returns the grey attribute.
       The default is A_UNDERLINE.

       The  function  set_menu_pad  sets  the character used to fill the space
       between the name and  description  parts  of  a  menu  item.   menu_pad
       returns the given menu's pad character.  The default is a blank.

       These routines return one of the following:

       E_OK The routine succeeded.

            System error occurred (see errno).

            Routine detected an incorrect or out-of-range argument.

       ncurses(3NCURSES)  and  related  pages  whose  names  begin "menu_" for
       detailed descriptions of the entry points.

       The  header  file  <menu.h>  automatically  includes  the  header  file

       These  routines  emulate the System V menu library.  They were not sup-
       ported on Version 7 or BSD versions.

       Juergen Pfeifer.  Manual pages and adaptation for new curses by Eric S.


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