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ATD(8)                     Linux Programmer's Manual                    ATD(8)

       atd - run jobs queued for later execution

       atd [-l load_avg] [-b batch_interval] [-d] [-s]

       atd runs jobs queued by at(1).

       -l      Specifies  a limiting load factor, over which batch jobs should
               not be run, instead of the compile-time choice of 0.8.  For  an
               SMP  system  with  n  CPUs,  you will probably want to set this
               higher than n-1.

       -b      Specifiy the minimum interval in seconds between the  start  of
               two batch jobs (60 default).

       -d      Debug;  print error messages to standard error instead of using

       -s      Process the at/batch queue only once.  This is primarily of use
               for compatibility with old versions of at; atd -s is equivalent
               to the  old  atrun  command.   A  script  invoking  atd  -s  is
               installed as /usr/sbin/atrun for backward compatibility.

       atd  won't  work  if  its  spool  directory  is mounted via NFS even if
       no_root_squash is set.

       /var/spool/atjobs The directory for storing jobs; this should  be  mode
       700, owner at.

       /var/spool/atspool  The  directory  for  storing output; this should be
       mode 700, owner at.

       /etc/at.allow, /etc/at.deny determine who can use the at system.

       at(1),   atrun(1),   cron(8),   crontab(1),   syslog(3),    at.deny(5),

       The functionality of atd should be merged into cron(8).

local                              Mar 1997                             ATD(8)

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