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APPARMOR_PARSER(8)                 AppArmor                 APPARMOR_PARSER(8)

       apparmor_parser - loads AppArmor profiles into the kernel

       apparmor_parser [-adrR] [--add] [--debug]  [--replace] [--remove]
                         [--preprocess] [--Include n] [--base n] [ --Complain

       apparmor_parser [-hv] [--help] [--version]

       apparmor_parser is used to import new apparmor.d(5) profiles into the
       Linux kernel. The profiles restrict the operations available to
       processes by executable name.

       The profiles are loaded into the Linux kernel by the apparmor_parser
       program, which takes its input from standard input. The input supplied
       to apparmor_parser should be in the format described in apparmor.d(5).

       -a, --add
           Insert the AppArmor definitions given into the kernel. This is the
           default action. This gives an error message if a AppArmor
           definition by the same name already exists in the kernel, or if the
           parser doesn't understand its input. It reports when an addition

       -r, --replace
           This flag is required if an AppArmor definition by the same name
           already exists in the kernel; used to replace the definition
           already in the kernel with the definition given on standard input.

       -R, --remove
           This flag is used to remove an AppArmor definition already in the
           kernel.  Note that it still requires a complete AppArmor definition
           as described in apparmor.d(5) even though the contents of the
           definition aren't used.

       -p, --preprocess
           Parse the profile(s) and process include directives and output the
           result to stdout.

       -I n, --Include n
           Add element n to the search path when resolving #include directives
           defined as an absolute paths.

       -b n, --base n
           Set the base directory for resolving #include directives defined as
           relative paths.

       -C, --Complain
           Load the profile in complain mode.

       -h, --help
           Give a quick reference guide.

       -v, --version
           Print the version number and exit.

       -d, --debug
           Given once, only checks the profiles to ensure syntactic
           correctness.  Given twice, dumps its interpretation of the profile
           for checking.

       None known. If you find any, please report them to bugzilla at

       apparmor(7), apparmor.d(5), subdomain.conf(5), change_hat(2), and

NOVELL/SUSE                       2007-04-11                APPARMOR_PARSER(8)

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