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AIO_SUSPEND(3)             Linux Programmer's Manual            AIO_SUSPEND(3)

       aio_suspend - wait for asynchronous I/O operation or timeout

       #include <aio.h>

       int aio_suspend(const struct aiocb * const cblist[],
                       int n, const struct timespec *timeout);

       Link with -lrt.

       The  aio_suspend() function suspends the calling process until at least
       one of the asynchronous I/O requests in the list  cblist  of  length  n
       have  completed,  a signal is delivered, or timeout is not NULL and the
       time interval it indicates has passed.

       Each item in the list must either be NULL (and then is ignored),  or  a
       pointer   to   a  control  block  on  which  I/O  was  initiated  using
       aio_read(3), aio_write(3), or lio_listio(3).

       If CLOCK_MONOTONIC is supported, this clock  is  used  to  measure  the
       timeout interval.

       If  this  function  returns  after  completion  of one of the indicated
       requests, it returns 0.  Otherwise it returns -1 and sets errno  appro-

       EAGAIN The call was ended by timeout, before any of the indicated oper-
              ations had completed.

       EINTR  The call was ended by signal; see signal(7).  (Possibly the com-
              pletion signal of one of the operations we were waiting for.)


       One  can  achieve  polling by using a non-NULL timeout that specifies a
       zero time interval.

       aio_cancel(3), aio_error(3), aio_fsync(3), aio_read(3),  aio_return(3),
       aio_write(3), time(7)

       This  page  is  part of release 3.25 of the Linux man-pages project.  A
       description of the project, and information about reporting  bugs,  can
       be found at http://www.kernel.org/doc/man-pages/.

                                  2003-11-14                    AIO_SUSPEND(3)

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