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AFMTODIT(1)                                                        AFMTODIT(1)

       afmtodit - create font files for use with groff -Tps

       afmtodit [ -nsv ] [ -ddesc_file ] [ -eenc_file ] [ -in ] [ -an ]
                afm_file map_file font

       afmtodit creates a font file for use with groff and grops.  afmtodit is
       written  in  perl;  you  must have perl version 3 or newer installed in
       order to run afmtodit.  afm_file is the AFM (Adobe  Font  Metric)  file
       for the font.  map_file is a file that says which groff character names
       map onto each PostScript character name; this  file  should  contain  a
       sequence of lines of the form

              ps_char groff_char

       where ps_char is the PostScript name of the character and groff_char is
       the groff name of the character (as used in the groff font file).   The
       same ps_char can occur multiple times in the file; each groff_char must
       occur at most once.  Lines starting with # and blank lines are ignored.
       font  is  the  groff name of the font.  If a PostScript character is in
       the encoding to be used for the font but is not mentioned  in  map_file
       then  afmtodit will put it in the groff font file as an unnamed charac-
       ter, which can be accessed by the \N escape  sequence  in  troff.   The
       groff font file will be output to a file called font.

       If  there is a downloadable font file for the font, it may be listed in
       the file /usr/share/groff/1.18.1/font/devps/download; see grops(1).

       If the -i option is  used,  afmtodit  will  automatically  generate  an
       italic  correction, a left italic correction and a subscript correction
       for each character (the significance of these parameters  is  explained
       in  groff_font(5));  these  parameters  may be specified for individual
       characters by adding to the afm_file lines of the form:

              italicCorrection ps_char n
              leftItalicCorrection ps_char n
              subscriptCorrection ps_char n

       where ps_char is the PostScript name of the character,  and  n  is  the
       desired  value  of the corresponding parameter in thousandths of an em.
       These parameters are normally  needed  only  for  italic  (or  oblique)

       -v     Print version.

       -n     Don't  output  a ligatures command for this font.  Use this with
              constant-width fonts.

       -s     The font is special.  The effect of this option is  to  add  the
              special command to the font file.

              The device description file is desc_file rather than the default

              The PostScript font should be  reencoded  to  use  the  encoding
              described  in  enc_file.  The format of enc_file is described in

       -an    Use n as the slant parameter in the font file; this is  used  by
              groff  in  the positioning of accents.  By default afmtodit uses
              the negative of the ItalicAngle specified in the afm file;  with
              true  italic fonts it is sometimes desirable to use a slant that
              is less than this.  If you find that characters from  an  italic
              font  have  accents  placed too far to the right over them, then
              use the -a option to give the font a smaller slant.

       -in    Generate an italic correction for each  character  so  that  the
              character's  width  plus  the  character's  italic correction is
              equal to n thousandths of an em plus the  amount  by  which  the
              right  edge  of  the character's bounding is to the right of the
              character's origin.  If this would result in a  negative  italic
              correction, use a zero italic correction instead.

              Also generate a subscript correction equal to the product of the
              tangent of the slant of the font and four fifths of the x-height
              of  the  font.   If  this would result in a subscript correction
              greater than the italic correction, use a  subscript  correction
              equal to the italic correction instead.

              Also  generate a left italic correction for each character equal
              to n thousandths of an em plus the amount by which the left edge
              of  the  character's  bounding box is to the left of the charac-
              ter's origin.  The left italic correction may be negative.

              This option is normally needed only  with  italic  (or  oblique)
              fonts.  The font files distributed with groff were created using
              an option of -i50 for italic fonts.

              Device description file.

              Font description file for font F.

              List of downloadable fonts.

              Encoding used for text fonts.

              Standard mapping.

       groff(1), grops(1), groff_font(5), perl(1)

Groff Version 1.18.1             02 March 2002                     AFMTODIT(1)

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