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ENFORCE(8)                         AppArmor                         ENFORCE(8)

       aa-enforce - set an AppArmor security profile to enforce mode from
       complain mode.

       aa-enforce <executable> [<executable> ...]

       aa-enforce is used to set the enforcement mode for one or more profiles
       to enforce.  This command is only relevant is conjuction with the
       utility complain which sets a profile to complain mode. The default
       mode for a security policy is enforce and the aa-complain utility must
       be run to change this behavior.

       None. Please report any you find to bugzilla at

       apparmor(7), apparmor.d(5), aa-complain(1), change_hat(2), and

NOVELL/SUSE                       2008-06-11                        ENFORCE(8)

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