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memleaks(3NCURSES)                                          memleaks(3NCURSES)

       _nc_freeall _nc_free_and_exit - curses memory-leak checking

       #include <curses.h>

       void _nc_freeall(void);
       void _nc_free_and_exit(int);

       These  functions  are  used to simplify analysis of memory leaks in the
       ncurses library.  They are normally not available; they must be config-
       ured  into  the library at build time using the --disable-leaks option.
       That compiles-in code that frees memory  that  normally  would  not  be

       Any implementation of curses must not free the memory associated with a
       screen, since (even after calling endwin), it must be available for use
       in  the next call to refresh.  There are also chunks of memory held for
       performance reasons.  That makes it hard to analyze curses applications
       for  memory leaks.  To work around this, one can build a debugging ver-
       sion of the ncurses library which frees those chunks which it can,  and
       provides  these  functions  to  free all of the memory allocated by the
       ncurses library.

       The _nc_free_and_exit function is the preferred one since some  of  the
       memory  which  is freed may be required for the application to continue
       running.  Its parameter is the code to pass to the exit routine.

       These functions do not return a value.

       These functions are not part of the XSI interface.



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