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XPath::PerlSAX(3)     User Contributed Perl Documentation    XPath::PerlSAX(3)

       XML::XPath::PerlSAX - A PerlSAX event generator for my wierd node

               use XML::XPath;
               use XML::XPath::PerlSAX;
               use XML::DOM::PerlSAX;

               my $xp = XML::XPath->new(filename => 'test.xhtml');
               my $paras = $xp->find('/html/body/p');

               my $handler = XML::DOM::PerlSAX->new();
               my $generator = XML::XPath::PerlSAX->new( Handler => $handler );

               foreach my $node ($paras->get_nodelist) {
                       my $domtree = $generator->parse($node);
                       # do something with $domtree

       This module generates PerlSAX events to pass to a PerlSAX handler such
       as XML::DOM::PerlSAX. It operates specifically on my wierd tree format.

       Unfortunately SAX doesn't seem to cope with namespaces, so these are
       lost completely. I believe SAX2 is doing namespaces.

       The XML::DOM::PerlSAX handler I tried was completely broken (didn't
       even compile before I patched it a bit), so I don't know how correct
       this is or how far it will work.

       This software may only be distributed as part of the XML::XPath

perl v5.12.1                      2000-02-28                 XPath::PerlSAX(3)

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