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SAX::DocumentLocator(3User Contributed Perl DocumentatiSAX::DocumentLocator(3)

       XML::SAX::DocumentLocator - Helper class for document locators

         my $locator = XML::SAX::DocumentLocator->new(
             sub { $object->get_public_id },
             sub { $object->get_system_id },
             sub { $reader->current_line },
             sub { $reader->current_column },
             sub { $reader->get_encoding },
             sub { $reader->get_xml_version },

       This module gives you a tied hash reference that calls the specified
       closures when asked for PublicId, SystemId, LineNumber and

       It is useful for writing SAX Parsers so that you don't have to
       constantly update the line numbers in a hash reference on the object
       you pass to set_document_locator(). See the source code for
       XML::SAX::PurePerl for a usage example.

       There is only 1 method: "new". Simply pass it a list of closures that
       when called will return the PublicId, the SystemId, the LineNumber, the
       ColumnNumber, the Encoding and the XMLVersion respectively.

       The closures are passed a single parameter, the key being requested.
       But you're free to ignore that.

perl v5.12.1                      2005-10-14           SAX::DocumentLocator(3)

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