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RDN(3)                User Contributed Perl Documentation               RDN(3)

       X500::RDN - handle X.500 RDNs (Relative Distinguished Names), parse and
       format them

         use X500::RDN;

         my $rdn = new X500::RDN ('c'=>'DE');
         my $c = $rdn->getAttributeValue ('c');

       This module handles X.500 RDNs (Relative Distinguished Names).  This is
       a supporting module for X500::DN.

       o   $object = new X500::RDN ('type'=>'value', 'type'=>'value', ...);

           Creates an RDN object from argument pairs, each pair an attribute
           type and value.  With more than one pair as arguments, you will get
           a multi-valued RDN.

       o   $object->isMultivalued();

           Returns whether the RDN is multi-valued.

       o   $object->getAttributeTypes();

           Returns the RDN's attribute types, a list of strings.

       o   $object->getAttributeValue (type);

           Returns the RDN attribute's value.

       o   $object->getRFC2253String();

           Returns the RDN as a string formatted according to RFC 2253 syntax.

       o   $object->getX500String();

           Returns the RDN as a string formatted according to X.500 syntax.
           NOTE: This is a hack, there is no definition for a X.500 string

       o   $object->getOpenSSLString();

           Returns the RDN as a string formatted according to one of openssl's
           syntaxes.  Croaks on multi-valued RDNs.


       Robert Joop <yaph-070708@timesink.de>

       Copyright 2002 Robert Joop.  All Rights reserved.  This program is free
       software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms
       as Perl itself.

       X500::DN, perl.

perl v5.12.1                      2007-07-08                            RDN(3)

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