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Wand-Config(1)                                                  Wand-Config(1)

       Wand-config - get information about the installed version of the Magick

       Wand-config [--cflags] [--cppflags] [--exec-prefix] [--ldflags]
       [--libs] [--prefix] [--version]

       Wand-config prints the compiler and linker flags required to compile
       and link programs that use the Wand Application Programmer Interface.

       To print the version of the installed distribution of Wand, use:

         Wand-config --version

       To compile a program that calls the Wand Application Programmer Inter-
       face, use:

         cc `Wand-config --cflags --cppflags --ldflags --libs` program.c

              Print the compiler flags that were used to compile libWand.

              Print the preprocessor flags that are needed to find the Wand C
              include files and defines to ensure that the Wand data struc-
              tures match between your program and the installed libraries.

              Print the directory under which target specific binaries and
              executables are installed.

              Print the linker flags that are needed to link with the Wand

       --libs Print the linker flags that are needed to link a program with

              Print the version of the Wand distribution to standard output.

       See http://www.imagemagick.org/script/license.php

       John Cristy, ImageMagick Studio LLC

Wand                              2 May 2002                    Wand-Config(1)

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