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Time::localtime(3pm)   Perl Programmers Reference Guide   Time::localtime(3pm)

       Time::localtime - by-name interface to Perl's built-in localtime()

        use Time::localtime;
        printf "Year is %d\n", localtime->year() + 1900;

        $now = ctime();

        use Time::localtime;
        use File::stat;
        $date_string = ctime(stat($file)->mtime);

       This module's default exports override the core localtime() function,
       replacing it with a version that returns "Time::tm" objects.  This
       object has methods that return the similarly named structure field name
       from the C's tm structure from time.h; namely sec, min, hour, mday,
       mon, year, wday, yday, and isdst.

       You may also import all the structure fields directly into your
       namespace as regular variables using the :FIELDS import tag.  (Note
       that this still overrides your core functions.)  Access these fields as
       variables named with a preceding "tm_" in front their method names.
       Thus, "$tm_obj->mday()" corresponds to $tm_mday if you import the

       The ctime() function provides a way of getting at the scalar sense of
       the original CORE::localtime() function.

       To access this functionality without the core overrides, pass the "use"
       an empty import list, and then access function functions with their
       full qualified names.  On the other hand, the built-ins are still
       available via the "CORE::" pseudo-package.

       While this class is currently implemented using the Class::Struct
       module to build a struct-like class, you shouldn't rely upon this.

       Tom Christiansen

perl v5.12.1                      2010-04-26              Time::localtime(3pm)

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