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Tie::RefHash(3pm)      Perl Programmers Reference Guide      Tie::RefHash(3pm)

       Tie::RefHash - use references as hash keys

           require 5.004;
           use Tie::RefHash;
           tie HASHVARIABLE, 'Tie::RefHash', LIST;
           tie HASHVARIABLE, 'Tie::RefHash::Nestable', LIST;

           untie HASHVARIABLE;

       This module provides the ability to use references as hash keys if you
       first "tie" the hash variable to this module.  Normally, only the keys
       of the tied hash itself are preserved as references; to use references
       as keys in hashes-of-hashes, use Tie::RefHash::Nestable, included as
       part of Tie::RefHash.

       It is implemented using the standard perl TIEHASH interface.  Please
       see the "tie" entry in perlfunc(1) and perltie(1) for more information.

       The Nestable version works by looking for hash references being stored
       and converting them to tied hashes so that they too can have references
       as keys.  This will happen without warning whenever you store a
       reference to one of your own hashes in the tied hash.

           use Tie::RefHash;
           tie %h, 'Tie::RefHash';
           $a = [];
           $b = {};
           $c = \*main;
           $d = \"gunk";
           $e = sub { 'foo' };
           %h = ($a => 1, $b => 2, $c => 3, $d => 4, $e => 5);
           $a->[0] = 'foo';
           $b->{foo} = 'bar';
           for (keys %h) {
              print ref($_), "\n";

           tie %h, 'Tie::RefHash::Nestable';
           $h{$a}->{$b} = 1;
           for (keys %h, keys %{$h{$a}}) {
              print ref($_), "\n";

       Tie::RefHash fully supports threading using the "CLONE" method.

       Storable hooks are provided for semantically correct serialization and
       cloning of tied refhashes.

       This version of Tie::RefHash seems to no longer work with 5.004. This
       has not been throughly investigated. Patches welcome ;-)

       Yuval Kogman <nothingmuch@woobling.org>

       Gurusamy Sarathy        gsar@activestate.com

       'Nestable' by Ed Avis   ed@membled.com

       perl(1), perlfunc(1), perltie(1)

perl v5.12.1                      2010-04-26                 Tie::RefHash(3pm)

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