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TAP::Parser::Source(3pmPerl Programmers Reference GuidTAP::Parser::Source(3pm)

       TAP::Parser::Source - Stream output from some source

       Version 3.17

         use TAP::Parser::Source;
         my $source = TAP::Parser::Source->new;
         my $stream = $source->source(['/usr/bin/ruby', 'mytest.rb'])->get_stream;

       Takes a command and hopefully returns a stream from it.

   Class Methods

        my $source = TAP::Parser::Source->new;

       Returns a new "TAP::Parser::Source" object.

   Instance Methods

        my $source = $source->source;
        $source->source(['./some_prog some_test_file']);

        # or
        $source->source(['/usr/bin/ruby', 't/ruby_test.rb']);

       Getter/setter for the source.  The source should generally consist of
       an array reference of strings which, when executed via
       &IPC::Open3::open3, should return a filehandle which returns successive
       rows of TAP.  "croaks" if it doesn't get an arrayref.


        my $stream = $source->get_stream;

       Returns a TAP::Parser::Iterator stream of the output generated by
       executing "source".  "croak"s if there was no command found.

       Must be passed an object that implements a "make_iterator" method.
       Typically this is a TAP::Parser instance.


         my $merge = $source->merge;

       Sets or returns the flag that dictates whether STDOUT and STDERR are

       Please see "SUBCLASSING" in TAP::Parser for a subclassing overview.

         package MyRubySource;

         use strict;
         use vars '@ISA';

         use Carp qw( croak );
         use TAP::Parser::Source;

         @ISA = qw( TAP::Parser::Source );

         # expect $source->(['mytest.rb', 'cmdline', 'args']);
         sub source {
           my ($self, $args) = @_;
           my ($rb_file) = @$args;
           croak("error: Ruby file '$rb_file' not found!") unless (-f $rb_file);
           return $self->SUPER::source(['/usr/bin/ruby', @$args]);

       TAP::Object, TAP::Parser, TAP::Parser::Source::Perl,

perl v5.12.1                      2010-04-26          TAP::Parser::Source(3pm)

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