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TAP::Parser::IteratorFaPerlyProgrammers ReferTAP::Parser::IteratorFactory(3pm)

       TAP::Parser::IteratorFactory - Internal TAP::Parser Iterator

       Version 3.17

         use TAP::Parser::IteratorFactory;
         my $factory = TAP::Parser::IteratorFactory->new;
         my $iter = $factory->make_iterator(\*TEST);
         my $iter = $factory->make_iterator(\@array);
         my $iter = $factory->make_iterator(\%hash);

         my $line = $iter->next;

       This is a factory class for simple iterator wrappers for arrays,
       filehandles, and hashes.  Unless you're subclassing, you probably won't
       need to use this module directly.

   Class Methods

       Creates a new factory class.  Note: You currently don't need to
       instantiate a factory in order to use it.


       Create an iterator.  The type of iterator created depends on the
       arguments to the constructor:

         my $iter = TAP::Parser::Iterator->make_iterator( $filehandle );

       Creates a stream iterator (see "make_stream_iterator").

         my $iter = TAP::Parser::Iterator->make_iterator( $array_reference );

       Creates an array iterator (see "make_array_iterator").

         my $iter = TAP::Parser::Iterator->make_iterator( $hash_reference );

       Creates a process iterator (see "make_process_iterator").


       Make a new stream iterator and return it.  Passes through any arguments
       given.  Defaults to a TAP::Parser::Iterator::Stream.


       Make a new array iterator and return it.  Passes through any arguments
       given.  Defaults to a TAP::Parser::Iterator::Array.


       Make a new process iterator and return it.  Passes through any
       arguments given.  Defaults to a TAP::Parser::Iterator::Process.

       Please see "SUBCLASSING" in TAP::Parser for a subclassing overview.

       There are a few things to bear in mind when creating your own

       1.  The factory itself is never instantiated (this may change in the
           future).  This means that "_initialize" is never called.

         package MyIteratorFactory;

         use strict;
         use vars '@ISA';

         use MyStreamIterator;
         use TAP::Parser::IteratorFactory;

         @ISA = qw( TAP::Parser::IteratorFactory );

         # override stream iterator
         sub make_stream_iterator {
           my $proto = shift;


       Originally ripped off from Test::Harness.

       TAP::Object, TAP::Parser, TAP::Parser::Iterator,
       TAP::Parser::Iterator::Array, TAP::Parser::Iterator::Stream,

perl v5.12.1                      2010-04-26 TAP::Parser::IteratorFactory(3pm)

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