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TAP::Parser::Iterator::PerlyProgrammers ReferTAP::Parser::Iterator::Array(3pm)

       TAP::Parser::Iterator::Array - Internal TAP::Parser array Iterator

       Version 3.17

         # see TAP::Parser::IteratorFactory for preferred usage

         # to use directly:
         use TAP::Parser::Iterator::Array;
         my @data = ('foo', 'bar', baz');
         my $it   = TAP::Parser::Iterator::Array->new(\@data);
         my $line = $it->next;

       This is a simple iterator wrapper for arrays of scalar content, used by
       TAP::Parser.  Unless you're subclassing, you probably won't need to use
       this module directly.

   Class Methods

       Create an iterator.  Takes one argument: an $array_ref

   Instance Methods

       Iterate through it, of course.


       Iterate raw input without applying any fixes for quirky input syntax.


       Get the wait status for this iterator. For an array iterator this will
       always be zero.


       Get the exit status for this iterator. For an array iterator this will
       always be zero.

       Originally ripped off from Test::Harness.

       TAP::Object, TAP::Parser, TAP::Parser::Iterator,

perl v5.12.1                      2010-04-26 TAP::Parser::Iterator::Array(3pm)

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