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TAP::Parser::Iterator(3Perl Programmers Reference GuTAP::Parser::Iterator(3pm)

       TAP::Parser::Iterator - Internal base class for TAP::Parser Iterators

       Version 3.17

         # see TAP::Parser::IteratorFactory for general usage

         # to subclass:
         use vars qw(@ISA);
         use TAP::Parser::Iterator ();
         @ISA = qw(TAP::Parser::Iterator);
         sub _initialize {
           # see TAP::Object...

       This is a simple iterator base class that defines TAP::Parser's
       iterator API.  See "TAP::Parser::IteratorFactory" for the preferred way
       of creating iterators.

   Class Methods

       Create an iterator.  Provided by TAP::Object.

   Instance Methods

        while ( my $item = $iter->next ) { ... }

       Iterate through it, of course.


       Note: this method is abstract and should be overridden.

        while ( my $item = $iter->next_raw ) { ... }

       Iterate raw input without applying any fixes for quirky input syntax.


       If necessary switch the input stream to handle unicode. This only has
       any effect for I/O handle based streams.

       The default implementation does nothing.


       Return a list of filehandles that may be used upstream in a select()
       call to signal that this Iterator is ready. Iterators that are not
       handle-based should return an empty list.

       The default implementation does nothing.


       Note: this method is abstract and should be overridden.

        my $wait_status = $iter->wait;

       Return the "wait" status for this iterator.


       Note: this method is abstract and should be overridden.

        my $wait_status = $iter->exit;

       Return the "exit" status for this iterator.

       Please see "SUBCLASSING" in TAP::Parser for a subclassing overview.

       You must override the abstract methods as noted above.

       TAP::Parser::Iterator::Array is probably the easiest example to follow.
       There's not much point repeating it here.

       TAP::Object, TAP::Parser, TAP::Parser::IteratorFactory,
       TAP::Parser::Iterator::Array, TAP::Parser::Iterator::Stream,

perl v5.12.1                      2010-04-26        TAP::Parser::Iterator(3pm)

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