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DirHandle(3pm)         Perl Programmers Reference Guide         DirHandle(3pm)

       DirHandle - supply object methods for directory handles

           use DirHandle;
           $d = DirHandle->new(".");
           if (defined $d) {
               while (defined($_ = $d->read)) { something($_); }
               while (defined($_ = $d->read)) { something_else($_); }
               undef $d;

       The "DirHandle" method provide an alternative interface to the
       opendir(), closedir(), readdir(), and rewinddir() functions.

       The only objective benefit to using "DirHandle" is that it avoids
       namespace pollution by creating globs to hold directory handles.

       o   On Mac OS (Classic), the path separator is ':', not '/', and the
           current directory is denoted as ':', not '.'. You should be careful
           about specifying relative pathnames. While a full path always
           begins with a volume name, a relative pathname should always begin
           with a ':'.  If specifying a volume name only, a trailing ':' is

perl v5.12.1                      2010-04-26                    DirHandle(3pm)

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