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Data(3)               User Contributed Perl Documentation              Data(3)

       Business::ISBN::Data - data pack for Business::ISBN

       see Business::ISBN

       This data is current as of the date in the module version. At that
       time, the publisher codes  9990000-9999999 or 999000-999999 had not
       been fixed, although they had been proposed. I do not include them in
       the data. Some regions, including India (93), Gabon (99902), and Congo
       (99951) have country codes but no publisher codes. They still have
       entries even though you won't be able to validate any ISBNs assigned in
       those regions.

       Business::ISBN uses this "data pack" to do its work.  You can update
       Business::ISBN::Data independently of the main module as the various
       ISBN organizations assign new publisher codes.  The ISBN agency lists
       these data at http://www.isbn-international.org/converter/ranges.htm .
       It's also available as a javascript file at
       http://www.isbn-international.org/converter/ranges.js . The
       make_data.pl program creates the meat of this module.

       Note, that as a historical artifact, some countries are actually
       language areas. For instance, country code 2 is "French", and includes
       several French-speaking countries.

       Simply install this module over the previous version.  The module is a
       Perl data structure, so you can install it with CPAN.pm, or simply copy
       it to the right location.

       Older versions of this module did not declare a version, and will work
       with whatever version of Business::ISBN you have despite anything the
       Makefile.PL might say. Some versions tracked the version of
       Business::ISBN. Starting in October 2008, the version is the date of
       the module update (as YYYYMMDD).

       If you make updates, please send them to me so I can include them in
       future releases.

       This module lives in the Github repository with Business::ISBN:


       brian d foy, "<bdfoy@cpan.org>"

       Yakov Shafranovich updated the data in October 2008.

       Copyright (c) 2002-2008, brian d foy, All Rights Reserved.

       You may redistribute this under the same terms as Perl itself.

perl v5.12.1                      2008-12-05                           Data(3)

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