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B::Terse(3pm)          Perl Programmers Reference Guide          B::Terse(3pm)

       B::Terse - Walk Perl syntax tree, printing terse info about ops

               perl -MO=Terse[,OPTIONS] foo.pl

       This version of B::Terse is really just a wrapper that calls B::Concise
       with the -terse option. It is provided for compatibility with old
       scripts (and habits) but using B::Concise directly is now recommended

       For compatibility with the old B::Terse, this module also adds a method
       named "terse" to B::OP and B::SV objects. The B::SV method is largely
       compatible with the old one, though authors of new software might be
       advised to choose a more user-friendly output format. The B::OP "terse"
       method, however, doesn't work well. Since B::Terse was first written,
       much more information in OPs has migrated to the scratchpad
       datastructure, but the "terse" interface doesn't have any way of
       getting to the correct pad. As a kludge, the new version will always
       use the pad for the main program, but for OPs in subroutines this will
       give the wrong answer or crash.

       The original version of B::Terse was written by Malcolm Beattie,
       <mbeattie@sable.ox.ac.uk>. This wrapper was written by Stephen
       McCamant, <smcc@MIT.EDU>.

perl v5.12.1                      2010-04-26                     B::Terse(3pm)

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