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App::Prove::State(3pm) Perl Programmers Reference Guide App::Prove::State(3pm)

       App::Prove::State - State storage for the "prove" command.

       Version 3.17

       The "prove" command supports a "--state" option that instructs it to
       store persistent state across runs. This module implements that state
       and the operations that may be performed on it.

           # Re-run failed tests
           $ prove --state=fail,save -rbv

   Class Methods

       Accepts a hashref with the following key/value pairs:

       o   "store"

           The filename of the data store holding the data that
           App::Prove::State reads.

       o   "extension" (optional)

           The test name extension.  Defaults to ".t".

       o   "result_class" (optional)

           The name of the "result_class".  Defaults to

       Getter/setter for the name of the class used for tracking test results.
       This class should either subclass from "App::Prove::State::Result" or
       provide an identical interface.

       Get or set the extension files must have in order to be considered
       tests. Defaults to '.t'.

       Get the results of the last test run.  Returns a "result_class()"

       Save the test results. Should be called after all tests have run.

   Instance Methods


       Apply a list of switch options to the state, updating the internal
       object state as a result. Nothing is returned.

           - "Illegal state option: %s"

           Run in the same order as last time

           Run only the failed tests from last time

           Run only the passed tests from last time

           Run all tests in normal order

           Run the tests that most recently failed first

           Run the tests ordered by number of todos.

           Run the tests in slowest to fastest order.

           Run test tests in fastest to slowest order.

           Run the tests in newest to oldest order.

           Run the tests in oldest to newest order.

           Save the state on exit.


       Given a list of args get the names of tests that should run


       Store the results of a test.


       Write the state to a file.


       Load the state from a file

perl v5.12.1                      2010-04-26            App::Prove::State(3pm)

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